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Our business model was designed for the businesses that require a web presence with all the support. Our pricing plan gives you the same functionality as the big guys. What separates the smaller from the larger, just the price. All the technology is the same. Why pay for what you do not need. As your business needs grow so can the hosting plans you chose. Bandwidth and storage space is the key

All of our hosting plans come with:
- failover technology, which improves performance and eliminates downtime
- CentOS Linux
- cPanel with Fantastico
- a minimum of 1 email account & 2 email lists
- a minimum of 1 FTP account
- unlimited sub-domains
- a minimum of MySQL database
- a minimum of addon domain and 1 parked domain
- 24/7 email support
- a 30-day money back guarantee

If you need a small web presence, then we have the hosting plan to match your needs. Our sign up process is very simple. We are screening the user community to ensure the correct users are matched with the proper servers. For this reason we accept only confirmed users, not those who signs up with an automated script. This level of personal service ensures we provide the best service possible.
Drop us a line and we will work with you in establishing your web presence. Send us by email the following information

  • Your desired hosting plan
  • The domain that you want to host
  • Your full name
  • Your email address

Please note that your name and email address must match the information listed for the domain. If the information matches, you will receive a confirmation email and a PayPal invoice.

Please send your information to: salesmgr@greenmangoes.net

Thank you for your patience and understanding

Our "Small" Hosting Plan
$24.95 Annually
Disk Space - 100MB
Bandwidth - 4000MB
CentOS Linux
cPanel with Fantastico
FTP Accounts - 4
Our "Smaller" Hosting Plan
$14.95 Annually
Disk Space - 50MB
Bandwidth - 2000MB
CentOS Linux
cPanel with Fantastico
FTP Accounts - 2
Our "Smallest" Hosting Plan
$9.95 Annually
Disk Space - 25MB
Bandwidth - 1000MB
CentOS Linux
cPanel with Fantastico
FTP Accounts - 1
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