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  • How do I develp a web page
    • Using HTML page generation software has a lot of plusses. They are quick to learn, allow great degrees of graphic manipulation and placement control, automatically check your links within your site to make sure they all connect properly, and many of them even contain ftp software to help you upload and download your site and its elements. If you want to get started yourself and see how things go before hiring someone to design a site, page development software is for you
  • Here is a web site that have a free html editor Free Wed Editor Html Kit
  • How do I connect to my web site and post the page I develop
    • Use the HTML FTP connection internal to the Free Web Editor
  • Will you provide a video to show how to make the connection.
    • Absolutely, we will create 3 or 4 tutorials on how to post your page to your web site
  • Domain Name
    • Web sites are found by their addresses. Each web site has a URL, or Uniform Resource Locator, assigned to it. This is how a URL is broken down:
      http://marco.comm/recipes/apples.htm is our example.
      http://: type of file
      domain name: location of the file's web server is at marco.com.
      backslash,then file name: path or directory on the computer to this file; which in our case is "/recipes/". You're just basically moving to sub-directory here.
      name of file: name of file, usually ending in .html or .htm. My file name is "apples.htm".
  • Internet Tecnologies
    Connecting to the Internet People connect to the Internet in a variety of ways. The most important factor for doing business online is the speed of the connection. Most consumers today access the Internet through the dial-up analog modem over ordinary phone lines. or through a always on cable modem
  • Web Servers
    This is where your web site is hosted


Our "Small" Hosting Plan
$24.95 Annually
Disk Space - 100MB
Bandwidth - 4000MB
CentOS Linux
cPanel with Fantastico
FTP Accounts - 4
Our "Smaller" Hosting Plan
$14.95 Annually
Disk Space - 50MB
Bandwidth - 2000MB
CentOS Linux
cPanel with Fantastico
FTP Accounts - 2
Our "Smallest" Hosting Plan
$9.95 Annually
Disk Space - 25MB
Bandwidth - 1000MB
CentOS Linux
cPanel with Fantastico
FTP Accounts - 1
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